Sunwatt Roshni Lanterns

Sunwatt Roshni Lanterns helps in harnessing clean watts from sun .they are rugged , reliable, portable and ideal sources of light in areas with irregular and no grid power supply. Sunwatt’s Roshni lanterns can be used in households, camping, educational and commercial organization and remote rural settlement.

  • Solar panel : 6V, 3Wp; 12V,5Wp; 12V,10Wp;
  • 6Volts,4.2Ah/12Volts, 7Ah SMF Battery
  • 5Watt/7Watt compact fluorescent lamp
  • ABS plastic Body
  • Excellent styling & light weight design
  • Solar /AC charging mode (optional)
  • Duration : 2-3/3-4 hours of lighting