Sunwatt SPV Modules conform to international Standards and specifications Mono/Multi Crystalline

A solar module is a device which is used to convert energy contained within the sun’s rays into electricity. A photovoltaic module is an interconnected collection of photovoltaic cells combined to form a solar module.

When a number of solar or photovoltaic modules are installed together, this is commonly referred to as a solar array, or photovoltaic array.

The Solar Semiconductor’s family of multi crystalline PV modules offers models ranging from 135 to 270 W. These modules employ 156 mm cells and are designed for grid connects as well as off-grid applications.

Other custom modules may also be configured. The 156 mm multi crystalline cells lay embedded in transparent EVA, behind tempered glass. The glass is inset deep in the frame thereby ensuring maximum protection.

The back of the module is sealed with a high-quality back sheet. The junction box has no hollow cavities, is water tight, and is resistant to temperature and UV radiation. At Solar Semiconductor, quality is not an afterthought; it is designed into our modules and is ensured by automated production with minimal manual intervention. Each and every module is thoroughly tested for performance.